About Us

As catastrophe adjusters, we often found ourselves in a precarious situation. Our Founder was sent to assist people who had suffered loss due to:

  • Fires
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Or any other devastating event

The situation we faced was finding an affordable and safe place to stay while traveling.

Early in our Founder's career, she had been deployed to Atlanta and the price of housing was outrageous. She ended up renting a small room for $350 per month that had a mattress and box springs on the floor and was approximately an hour or more from her work location.  It was extremely exhausting to travel that far in Atlanta traffic, but she did not want to pay $2200 per month for lodging.

Lodging can be costly, especially if when someone has to stay for an extended period of time.  There have been moments when accommodations are overly booked, and you can find yourself staying in a location miles away from the people you were sent to assist.

But was this just our problem? Our team began questioning other adjusters and discovered this was a common challenge.  After talking with other traveling professionals such as flight attendants, pilots, traveling nurses, traveling construction workers and more, we discovered that housing is a common problem.

We believe adjusters are heroes in their own right.  Adjusters chase the storms, earthquakes, catastrophic events, and we are the first people onsite to offer financial help to American families and people around the World, and we do this while paying for our own housing.

We are hoping that recognition will be given to the professionals who work tirelessly to help people get straightened out and “adjusted” after suffering huge material losses and events that alter the course of their lives.

So, this website has a two-fold goal;

  1. Help insurance adjusters and other traveling professionals find affordable housing to make their short or lengthy stays away from their homes a place of refuge and sanctuary from their very long days.
  2. Help insurance adjusters develop with their related businesses and skills a nationwide network that benefits each member with money-saving strategies and services while deployed.


Adjuster365 is primarily designed to

Be a medium in finding shared housing, short term rentals, long term rentals, extended stay hotels, etc…

Our goal is to have housing of every type listed all across the United States and The World, so when traveling professionals are being deployed, they can simply enter the location and find available rentals with pictures before setting out on the journey.

We want to help take housing stress away so you can focus on doing what you do best… Being an unsung hero, and helping families when they need it most.

As we grow at Adjuster365, we will discover other ways we can help traveling professionals. If you have suggestions, we welcome your input. Just contact me via the listed phone, email or contact page.


Adjuster365 is committed to helping you help others

If you are an insurance adjuster or other traveling professional, I suggest you register so we can keep you up-to-date on all new listings and added features.

If you have a property you would like to list for traveling professionals to lease, please follow the procedures to do so, and remember that pictures help immensely. Become a Host 


Thank you

What you do is important. You help American families get back on their feet after some of the hardest days of their lives.  You may not hear it much, but you are Heroes! 

Thank you for choosing the career you chose… You are special and we sincerely hope that our website can help you while you help others.

So again, Thank You!

- The Adjuster365 Team!! 


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