Adjuster 365 Host

Benefits for Hosts

Reduce your vacancies

Adjuster365 helps landlords reduce their vacancies while bringing more predictable rental revenues.

Verified Renters

Renters that come through Adjuster365 go through a series of background checks.

Join other Adjuster 365 hosts to help those that help others.

At Adjuster 365, we have a step-by-step process of getting your property on-boarded, ready to list and ready to have Adjuster and other Critical personnel stay with you. 

Start by creating your listing. It’s like a profile page for your place.

What’s in a listing?

You’ll fill out a description, take and upload photos, and pick a price. Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like.

Who can book

You set the availability and house rules for your listing. Host controls and calendar settings can help make hosting easier.

We’re here to help

From getting your home ready and choosing a price, to understanding your responsibilities under local laws — we’ve got tools and resources for you.


  • Start with the basics
  • Beds, bathrooms, amenities, and more 


  • Set the scene
  • Photos, short description, title


  • Get ready for guests
  • Booking settings, calendar, price

Click here to join and start the process. 

Start with the basics - Most hosts clean all the spaces a guest can use and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, and toilet paper.

How guests pay - Adjuster 365 handles all of the payments—you never have to deal directly with money. Guests get charged before they arrive.

How you get paid - Some of the ways you can choose to get paid include Paypal, direct deposit, and international money wire. Your payment is automatically sent 24 hours after your guest checks in. Easy.

Earnings and fees - Listing your space on Adjuster 365 is free. Adjuster 365 takes a small host service fee on each reservation.